About Charity Bicycle Ride


The mission of Charitybicycleride.com is to provide one central location for bicycle riders to easily find charity bike rides and in New England. In doing this we hope to generate increased interest and participation in these events.

There are no special requirements to use our site or be a member of charitybicycleride.com. Just come in and enjoy.
We hope you will frequent this site and coordinate with others to ride as many local and regional Charity events as you like. In doing this you can both enjoy the sport you love and bring hope to those around you.

One way to coordinate rides is to logon to your favorite cycling forum, go to the charity section and post some links back to our site. From there you can select some events and coordinate to meet up with others. You will get in great shape, meet new friends, and give back some of the good life so many of us enjoy.

Thank you for your support and ride safe!


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